Studio Daniel Libeskind

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

Hong Kong, China


Kowloon Tong
Cornwall Street
Hong Kong, China

Building size

265,000 sq.ft


Steel and concrete

Joint Venture Partner

Leigh & Orange Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Structural Engineer

ARUP (London and Hong Kong)

Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Engineer


Civil Engineer


Landscape Architect

ADI Limited (Hong Kong)



Completion Date


Project Brief

The Creative Media Centre for the City University of Hong Kong provides facilities that enable the University to become the first in Asia to offer the highest level of education and training in the creative media fields. The building houses the the School of Creative Media and will also house the Department of Computer Science, Department of English, Department of Media and Communication, and the Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media. The distinctive crystalline design forms an extraordinary range of spaces rich in form, light, and material that, together, create an interactive environment for research and creativity.

The facility also includes a multi-purpose theatre, sound stages, laboratories, classrooms, exhibition spaces, a cafe and a restaurant. Secluded landscaped gardens to the north of the building are available for students and the general public alike. The interior of the nine-story, 263,000-square-foot structure, which serves approximately 2,000 students and 500 faculty and staff members and houses a variety of public programs, builds on this idea. Each space, whether self-contained or open, is a unique shape. Many of the walls slope or slice through space. Asymmetrical windows cut into the walls of interior lecture halls, classrooms and computer labs. Flowing around and among these and the building’s myriad other facilities – sound stages, recording studios, screening rooms, exhibit and performance spaces, a multipurpose theater and other discrete areas – are “interactive spaces.” More expansive than traditional passageways, but more intimate than formal classrooms, they are designed to encourage impromptu exchanges and spontaneous collaboration. An abundance of natural light throughout further enhances the spirit of limitless possibility and outside-the-box thinking. 


The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre has been given the following awards:

2013 Asia Property Award- Best Public Service Architecture in Hong Kong- 5 stars, 2012 China Green Building Design Label- 2 stars, 2012 Fujian Construction Science and Technology Achievement Certificate, 2012 BEAM Platinum, 2012 Best Institutional Trophy of the Perspective Award, 2011 HKIA Annual Awards- Merit Award, 2011- Cityscape Awards Winner of Community Built Category