Studio Daniel Libeskind

Centre De Congrès À Mons

Mons, Belgium


Chemin de l'inquiétude; 7000 Mons
Mons, Belgium

Building size

12,500 sq.m




City of Mons

Cost & Site Supervision

CIT Blaton (cost) SEMACO (site supervision)

Structural Engineer

Ney & Partner

Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Engineer

CIT Blaton


Under construction

Completion Date


Project Brief

Located between the historic center and the Great Meadows area, the future Convention Center is a lever leading to the urban development of Mons and includes 3 theaters with seating up to 800. By creating a visual link with the Belfry, the building is fully integrated into the network of public and cultural center. Visible from the center, it is a landmark for the development of the City of Mons.

For the facades, open cladding is used giving the building a light and textured appearance. The lower walls are clad with vertical slats of unfinished robinia wood responding to the adjacent natural park. The upper ribbon walls are clad with vertical bands of anodized aluminum following the curve of the wall. Apart from the glazed corner, few openings are visible in the ribbon walls. In front of windows the slats are rotated allowing for daylight and views while maintaining the integrity of the form. The surfaces around the building are polished earth colored concrete, in which bands of Belgium blue stone are inserted. The bands form an irregular pattern that is continued into the building.

The project is currently under construction.