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Media Advisory: Libeskind's Military History Museum Opens to the Public

15 Oct 2011

Libeskind's Military History Museum in Dresden Germany Opens To The Public October 15

“I wanted to create a bold interruption, a fundamental dislocation, to penetrate the historic arsenal …”
– Daniel Libeskind, 2011


Libeskind’s extension to Dresden’s Military History Museum (originally built in built in 1897 ) dramatically interrupts the building's symmetry, its massive, five-story 200-ton wedge of glass, concrete and steel slicing through the center of the 135-year-old original structure.

Transformed from testament to Germany’s military might into BOTH a museum of German military history an anthropological consideration of the nature of violence and war and the human and societal impulses that give rise to them.

Inside the wedge a 99 foot viewing platform provides breathtaking views of the city as it is today while the wedge itself points in the opposite direction, toward the source of the bombs, creating a dramatic space for reflection.

The museum will be Germany’s largest museum, with an exhibition area of roughly 20,000 square meters.

Exhibition Design

"We show the contents of the exhibition as a walk-through installation in which objects become fascinating transmitters of history and grab the visitors emotionally. By exhibiting and combining the objects in an unconventional way we intend to irritate the viewer and thereby allow him to approach military history unprejudiced. As being part of cultural history it is also part of our life and personhood."
— Barbara Holzer, Collaboration Holzer Kobler Architekturen and HG Merz Architekten

The content and design of the exhibition reflect the architectural contrast between the Museum’s two parts: the Chronology in the old building traces the history of Germany’s military in the form of a timeline, while the Themed Tour in the new extension deals with individual aspects and phenomena concerning the military that have had a lasting impact on society throughout the ages.

German military history is part of German cultural history. This notion forms the basis for the redevelopment of the German Army’s Military History Museum in Dresden. The concept and design of the exhibition are intended to create a dialogue between conventional and unconventional views and to make this complex topic accessible to the whole of society in a completely new way.

Through its architectural language, the new permanent exhibition enters into a symbiosis with both the Museum’s Neoclassical building and the wedge-shaped extension by Daniel Libeskind, which slices through the existing structure’s central wing.

The starting point for designing the two new zones was an exhibition space totaling more than 10,000 square meters and housing over 7,500 items from the smallest pin badge to field postcards and even a space capsule. An additional narrative level offers critical reflection with the aid of contemporary multimedia art.

The architecture, exhibition design and content of the new Military History Museum were all developed and realized hand in hand. The symbiosis between the space, the exhibition and the items on display appears entirely natural and constitutes a unique portrayal of the history of the military as part of our culture.

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