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"CNN Connect the World" Features Daniel Libeskind

15 Jun 2011


“Connector of the Day” Daniel Libeskind will be featured on Wednesday, June 15, at 4:00 PM EST

See the video here:

American architect Daniel Libeskind is one of the world's leading and most prolific designers.Incredibly, he has spent most of his life as an academic and only completed his first building 13 years ago, at the age of 52. But Libeskind hasn't stopped since and now travels the world with his wife and business partner Nina working on more than 40 projects in 15 countries that stretch from Italy, Germany and Serbia to Singapore, South Korea and Brazil. While Libeskind is probably best known for being the master planner of the World Trade Center site, his reputation was first cemented with the design of the Jewish Museum Berlin in 2001. He is set to complete another landmark project in Germany later this year — his redesign of the Military History Museum in Dresden. Libeskind, who is of Polish-Jewish descent, is transforming the museum into a 20,000 square meter space that features Germany's military might but also reflects the nature and consequences of war.