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Daniel Libeskind to Lecture at Launch of Institute for Giant of Modern Thinking

Leeds, United Kingdom

Daniel Libeskind to Lecture at Launch of Institute for Giant of Modern Thinking

Daniel Libeskind will deliver a keynote lecture at the University of Leeds marking the launch of a new institute dedicated to one of the most globally-celebrated social thinkers of our times. The Bauman Institute celebrates the life and work of Professor Zygmunt Bauman, who is known internationally for his work on consumerism, ethics, sociology and political philosophy.

The Institute will be launched with a special conference on “Re-thinking Global Society” on September 6-7 and featuring a number of internationally-renowned speakers including Libeskind, writer and activist Neal Lawson – and Professor Bauman himself. The Bauman Institute will be dedicated to the analysis of global society and change, and to addressing key problems that affect societies across the world. It will have an impact on policy-making, political thinking and the private sector – anywhere expert analysis is needed on consumerism, social values, civil engagement and our fast-changing world. More than 200 guests from around the world have signed up to attend the conference which is bringing together scholars, researchers, practitioners, and postgraduate students, working in a variety of fields across the arts, humanities and social sciences. Zygmunt Bauman is closely linked with Leeds, as the University’s first Professor of Sociology, an honorary graduate of the University and, for the past two decades, it’s Emeritus Professor of Sociology. Spanning five decades, his sociological writings have had a profound impact upon the arts, humanities and social sciences. Almost 40 years on from arriving in Yorkshire – and just a few months short of his 85 th birthday – Bauman remains an extraordinarily productive scholar, regularly writing articles and books and contributing to debates.

The Bauman Institute will establish Leeds as the centre of global excellence in the kind of applied social theory that is the legacy of his work. It will be dedicated to addressing key social problems that affect rapidly changing societies across the world.

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